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The original group

Louis & Yolandi Scheepers.

Morné & Marlene Blaauw 

(their 3 kids: Mia, Millé & Milan).

Chanique Groenewald.

The beginning of the journey.

The story of our church started in March 2013 when Louis Scheepers, who at that time was serving as Lead Pastor of a church in Springs, on the East Rand of Johannesburg, received the call from God to start a new church – a church that would not only impact and change the city it is located in, but that would also spark into life other new church plants across South Africa.


After a lot of prayer, many confirmations, prophecies and coaching from other spiritual leaders, Louis and Yolandi felt led to to start Pro Deo* Church in Cape Town. They spent more than 4 months in the USA in 2015, learning from other church plants, receiving intensive training and raising support.


At the end of 2015 two other families moved from Springs to Cape Town with Louis and Yolandi to start this church. In 2016 they started to invite people to form part of a launch team for a new multi-site, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual church.


Louis’ vision is for a church that will reach the people of Cape Town with the story of Christ, and watch their society be transformed because of new faith in Jesus’ costly love for them. “Louis says, “I believe God will bring about change in South Africa, and the world, through His church.”  

The best is yet to come...

*Pro Deo is an old Latin phrase that means “for God”.

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